Oh, how I’ll miss you, Shanghai. Xoxo 


Random thoughts

So many emotions this week. I’m happy to return to America, and of course, sad to leave China and all the wonderful friends I’ve made. The little weird things are making me happy these days such as the weird smells, the cute little kids getting out of school, the man walking around on the street in his underwear, the little kids on the mopeds, the crazy driving, the never ending sound of the horns honking, the crazy locked stares, the pushing in the subway, etc… I will certainly miss this place. “Mmmm China”

It’s one thing to learn about culture shock but experiencing is strange. It wasn’t drastic for me, but I think it was certainly present. So now, I’m curious about the reverse culture shock as I return to the states. I wonder how I’ll adjust, if I’ll feel awkward and out of place, what habits have I picked up?, will it be obvious?, or will I even receive reverse culture shock?

War Museum in Nanjing

1937- The Japanese invaded Nanjing, China- then the capital of the Republic of China. China estimates that 300K civilians and soldiers were brutally slaughtered. This estimate was developed from the burial records and eye witnesses of the massacre. This museum was truly powerful!!DSCF2323 DSCF2324 DSCF2328 DSCF2329 DSCF2334 DSCF2335 DSCF2337 DSCF2338 DSCF2326

Random thoughts….

The last month makes me think about the first month. I’m ready to return back to the wonderful motherland, the United States of America!! Oh.. I’ve missed you! It’s crazy to think about all the things I’ve seen, done, tasted, smelled, learned, and lived. Jeez, does life get any better? YES! ALWAYS! It’s funny to think, I’m just a little island girl enjoying the Middle Kingdom. I’ll certainly tell these stories years from now. Thank you to all that supported me! Feeling a little emo 😉 Good day to you.